Colección SOLO’s new exhibition brings together different artistic visions on the subject of certainty. This podcast will guide you through the search for certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.

S1 E6.
The illusion of time
The illusion of time


Time doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction. A pantomime. A figment of our imagination. We join artist Andrea Galvani on a voyage of space time exploration.

15:31 MIN

S1 E5.
The curse of being right
The curse of being right


Wanting to be right is one of humanity’s great curses, perhaps the single biggest cause of conflict between humans. How can we overcome this burden? By having more doubts according to visual artists SMACK.

12:36 MIN

S1 E4.
Utopia or Dystopia?
Utopia or Dystopia?


Humans continue to wrestle with the question of how to make the world a better place and fiction is perhaps the best tool we have at our disposal to explore new ways of living.

12:05 MIN

S1 E3.
The certainty of creation
The certainty of creation


Can a machine create? Can an algorithm be an artist? In the next few decades our certainty about creation will enter new unexplored territories.

09:54 MIN

S1 E2.
Who are you?
Who are you?


There was a time when identity was set in stone. Today identity evolves constantly. We spoke to filip custic about this subject, an artist whose work reflects on the body through technology, doubt and empathy.

10:15 MIN

S1 E1.
The search
The search


A mysterious exhibition. A curator obsessed with certainty. A group of artists who push us to look at reality from other perspectives. Join us on this journey full of doubt as we explore the concept of certainty throughout the ages.

06:55 MIN

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